Between the city and nature.

The Parque Atlântico Condominium is located between Carcavelos and Parede, near Cascais. Close to the beach and with quick access to numerous facilities, this condominium allows a great balance between city life and contact with nature.

A quiet area with a relaxed lifestyle, complete with a strong gastronomic tradition and benefiting from numerous services and facilities, in the epicenter of the axis formed by Lisbon and Cascais. Ideal for a relaxed living, with abundant access to green spaces, Carcavelos and Parede sure are a paradise on earth.


A paradise by the sea.

The old parishes of Carcavelos and Parede are highly recognized for their beaches, with their therapeutic characteristics, thanks to the sun exposure and abundance of iodine. This quality would become visible in the village itself from a very early time, becoming rich in examples of summer architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Its region with the most diverse sports offers, whether they are water or land sports. Here you will find a solution for each of your needs, making your life easier in all aspects.

20 minutes from your home.


The jewel in the crown.

Stunning landscapes, famous gastronomy and unimaginable experiences are what you can find in Cascais.

The most elegant beach resort in the country, Cascais Bay and Estoril offer a refined environment for walking, cycling along the sea shore, excellent restaurants and a quality cultural program in the center of the village and in the Casino.

Due to its privileged maritime geography and glorious weather conditions, Cascais is ideal for relaxation and for those who enjoy sports on the beach and in the sea, such as sailing, surfing, windsurfing, horse riding, among others.

20 minutes from your home.


European capital
of light.

The magnificent views over the Tagus River make Lisbon one of the most charming capitals in Europe.

The Portuguese capital reinvents itself every day. A historical past that is alive in its typical neighborhoods and a vibrant and cosmopolitan culture that is reflected in the wide range of museums, markets, quality restaurants and diverse nightlife.

Mandatory city for those who enjoy long walks along the river and admire emblematic monuments.

20 minutes from your home.



The mountains and the Sintra Natural Park offer mysterious landscapes where the built heritage harmonizes with an untamed nature of stunning native forests.